What We Do

With a history of involvement with leading specialty retailers in the USA, PDR Associates is positioned to help companies evaluate and develop their strategy and penetration of the American retail marketplace.

Experienced in all levels of development of specialty retail chains, from startup to established brands, PDR Associates can be of great help to those contemplating startup and growth phase projects in all areas of their evolution.

In addition to working with emerging brands, PDR Associates can be instrumental in the repositioning of ailing companies in the US market, with experience in the evaluation and improvement of concepts in decline.

PDR Associates is a hub for US retail development efforts. From advisement to implementation, we provide support in these areas:

  • market evaluation  experience evaluating multinational retail markets in multiple retail sectors
  • mediation  mediation in multinational litigation
  • management development  development of management teams and services
  • operations  operations development and management for retail, web, and direct mail
  • website and direct mail  program development and advisement
  • business development
  • licensing  identification of licensing candidates
  • marketing  integrated and cross channel marketing


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