While most companies looking to the US market will face many of the same obstacles, we know that each business is different and inherently unique. Whatever phase you find yourself in, and whatever you are looking to accomplish we can help, from analyzing your startup and conducting market feasibility studies to assisting in your launch to managing actual day-to-day operations.

No company is too big or too small. We have been the little guy with the dream and the big guy who is living it. We have the experience, the network, and the know-how to be your bridge to the land of opportunity. How can we help?

Early Stage Development

  • analyzing your startup
  • assist in Americanization of client concept
  • conducting market feasibility studies


  • suggest structures and locations for your US operations
  • research and recommend contractors
  • assist in or manage your launch

Management and Long Term

  • manage day-to-day relationships between Europe and US components
  • manage actual day-to-day operations
  • be your eyes and ears in America

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