At the end of the day to be successful in any market, you must have a great product or service and a vision for the future. The rest is just “operations”.

  • Seek local US advice and honest expertise
  • Hire great people or contractors who know America
  • Pay the going US rates – don’t use exchange rates as a yard stick
  • Remember – “If you pay Peanuts you will get Monkeys”
  • Respect the cultures of America
  • Don’t assume you know everything – you don’t
  • Don’t assume Americans speak English – they don’t
  • Most Americans are  “honest” and ”can do” people –  find them and trust them
  • Be the best in your field – your part of the bargain
  • “Just do it” – American’s respect and respond to it
  • Be humble and don’t be arrogant

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