Why America?

  • What business can ignore a market that has 330+ million people, retail sales over $5.46 trillion (2019), a GDP seven times that of the UK?
  • The US is the single largest, common language, common currency consumer market in the world.
  • The UK exported over £72 billion worth of goods to the USA in 2019 – the UK’s biggest export market.
  • The UK’s export market to the USA far surpasses that to China ($30 billion), and will do so for many years to come.
  • The US population is 5 times the size of the UK, that’s a 500% growth potential.

Why PDR Associates?

  • Translation: Britain and America are “Divided by a Common Language”, we do not speak the same language.
  • Strategy: Unlike the UK, the US climate is extreme, often with summer and winter temperatures at the same time around the country.  If you are in the fashion business this IS a problem you need to plan for.
  • Navigation: The British can’t comprehend the sheer size of America and the part distance plays in day to day activities.
  • Guidance: One Country? Think again, the 50 states equals 50 countries and adds a staggering complexity of laws, taxes, climate and culture.
  • Coordination: The time difference – depending on where you are in the US there may never be anyone in the Head Office in the UK.

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